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Work Hours Program

Work Hours Program

Each December members will receive an invoice for their next year's annual dues.  Members can earn up to a $25 credit on that invoice, for contributing up to 5 hours of volunteer time over the course of the prior year.  Each hour of time is worth $5 in credit.

Note that the Independent Sportsmen's Club is a 100% volunteer supported organization.  We have no employees.  We can't maintain our facilities without the assistance of the membership.

If a member sees something that needs attention, they are free to volunteer to attend to it.  If the task is expected to incur expenses, the members should approach the board of directors seeking approval.  

The following are some suggestions on projects or tasks members can volunteer to handle.  If you do volunteer some time, please document your time on the log sheets that are in the warm up houses, rifle pavilion and clubhouse.

Ongoing tasks


-          Cover the Skeet/Trap fields operation for a Saturday or a Sunday afternoon or for a Wednesday evening.


-          Cover the 5-Stand operation for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, or for a Wednesday evening.


-          Load 5-Stand traps with clays weekly.

-       Repair target stands on the rifle and pistol ranges.


-          “Weed whack” around pavement on fields and parking lots.


-          “Weed whack” areas in front of Skeet, Trap and 5-Stand fields that can’t be done with a mower.


-          Garden Maintenance.


-          Rake clays and wads off the fronts of the Skeet fields.


-          Pick up hulls on the Sporting Clays course and deposit then in the nearby barrels.


-          Move cases of clay targets from the clays shed to various houses on the Skeet, Trap and 5-Stand fields.


-          Snow removal – shoveling


-          Snow removal – plowing / snow blowing


-          Cut back light brush on the paths of the Sporting Clays course.


-          Participate on “Spring Clean Up Day”.


-          Empty the trash barrels from the fields and buildings.

-       Empty trash barrels form the rifle and pistol ranges.


-          General janitorial duties for the clubhouse and the warm up house.