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Holidays List
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Club Rules


Holidays -

-        Shooting before noon is not allowed on holidays (or Sundays).  Refer to the Holiday List link.

Shotgun Fields -

Off Station:

-        Shotguns must always be carried unloaded and with the actions open.


   -        When in racks, semi-autos and pumps must have actions open.


On Station:

-        Keep gun pointed downrange at all times.


          Shooters must get into shooting position and ready.  Only THEN should a shell be loaded into the gun.


   -        No more than two shells may be loaded in the gun.

                   When shooting Trap "singles", only one shell in the gun is allowed.


   -        Maximum lead shot size is US 7½, and steel shot US 6.

Rifle / Pistol Ranges -

   -        Refer to the Range & Field Rules Download link.